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CQV Engineer Kachnycz Attends CxEnergy
Posted 2022-04-01 by Kari Donovan in Announcements

PrecisCx Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV) Engineer Lauren Kachnycz attended CxEnergy April 19-22 in Orlando, Florida. CxEnergy is the #1 conference and expo in commissioning, energy management, and building technology. The 2022 conference included 30+ technical sessions led by industry experts plus an expo hall featuring the latest technologies for commissioning, energy, and testing.

“I really enjoyed the lectures about specific projects that differ from what we typically do at PrecisCx,” explained Kachnycz. From learning about the complexities of commissioning the different environments of a prison to dealing with pressurization of a stair tower, the technical session lectures offered insights and intricacies that may inform future PrecisCx work. “I also appreciated meeting new people at the expo and learning about a mix of products and services for the commissioning and energy market,” she added.

Connect with Lauren on LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more about CxEnergy or share your own experiences.